Death of a Very Old Man

(Darlington News, South Carolina, March 29, 1890)
Word for word reproduction.

Benedict A Weinberg

Benedict A. Weinberg died at the residence of his son, Abram, on Pearle Street, shortly after twelve o'clock yesterday morning. The old gentleman was in his ninety-first year, having been born in the village of Wescoten, province of Westphalia, in the kingdom of Prussia, May 14, 1799. Mr. Weinberg's long life reads like a story, full of interesting adventures. His reminiscences of various persons and places, way back into the first part of this century, often afforded much entertainment to our people. His life was most remarkable. In 1814, when but 14 years of age, he joined the Prussian army, and was engaged on the battle of Ligny. He was at Waterloo under the famous Blucher, and often would he relate to us the details of that hard fought battle. He was also a schoolmate of Emperor William I, the grand-father of the present Emperor. Mr Weinberg came to America in 1830 and has since then visited most of the States of the Union, besides Canada and the countries of South America. Years ago he traded with the frontiersmen and Indians on the overland route between St. Louis and Mexico. He resided many years in Charleston and came to Darlington about five years since. He was a member of the Masonic Order and also of many Hebrew societies. Six sons and two daughters survive him. His remains will be interred in Charleston to-day.

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